Our Pastor

Pastor Jamie Schultz

I always tell people I meet, come and check out Bryn Mawr Church – it’s a special place where members care about one another and the world. There is energy in this place and the Spirit is clearly at work as Bryn Mawr continues to develop its ministry and mission.

-Pastor Jamie



Background and Education

Jamie Schultz was called to be the pastor of Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church in August of 2003. A graduate of the University of Michigan and McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, she was ordained in 1987 and has served congregations in Michigan and Ohio.

Jamie moved to the Twin Cities in 1997 with her husband and two children and felt called to be at home with her children for the next six years. During that time she pursued further training in pastoral care and developed and led retreats on topics ranging from vocation to spirituality and food.

Jamie and Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church

Jamie’s call to Bryn Mawr has allowed her to do the kind of ministry she enjoys, but it has also challenged her. Ask her about the building project some time! She enjoys the creativity of planning worship and preaching, being present with people through the joyous and difficult moments in their lives and serving such a generous congregation.

Bryn Mawr embodies a shared ministry and Jamie acknowledges the depth of leadership here. It is a place where people can share their gifts and develop their skills as they lead worship, provide pastoral care, teach Sunday School or offer service at St. Anne’s Place Shelter for Women and Children. She is also awed by the intergenerational connections that are made between members, watching relationships grow over the years, not just among peers but between the young and the old. Jamie believes that “Bryn Mawr is a place where people can belong; where people can offer and receive hospitality. It is a place where people come to know and experience God through the gift of community.”