Men's Choir

From Bach to Michael Jackson, instrumentalists to vocalists, from soloists to full choir, or to five guys singing gospel, Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church offers many music opportunities to the listener and the performer. Through these difference avenues, music at Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church allows the performer to express their faith, use their talents and explore their music while the listener is touched by a performance.

Accompanist & Children’s Choir Director

Joel at the Piano

Joel at the Piano

Joel Sundseth is our pianist/accompanist. He has a piano performance degree from Indiana University. He currently gives piano and voice lessons. When doing classical pieces, he plays with accuracy and faithfulness to the written music. While performing hymns or the music for meditation, his skills as a musician shine as he provides variations to the written music. Joel also leads the children’s choir which performs twice a year and provides support for the solos, ensembles and choir.

The Cedar Lake Seven

Greg Snow is the leader of the Cedar Lake Seven. This group of five men sing gospel music as a mission of the church. They perform at other churches, nursing homes and retirement facilities. They also sing about once a month during the worship service. Greg received his music degree from Indiana University.


Doug Neverman is the choir director. Anthems are performed by the full choir and occasionally ensembles of selected singers. This provides an avenue for those singers that desire a bigger challenge. Doug received his music degree from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Supporting Performers and Listeners

The music program at Bryn Mawr has a diversity of music. The leadership is open and happy to help any and all who wish to perform. This provides both the listener and performer a rich musical environment to experience to help them in their faith journeys.