Becoming a Member

Cross in SanctuaryAfter worshiping with us a while and getting to know us better, you may be interested in becoming a member of our congregation. Membership is important to our life and ministry as a congregation. There is a period of time where new members learn more about the church, its theology, its government and mission. Those seeking to join then meet with the Session and are formally received into membership. This is followed by a reception during Sunday morning worship.

You may join the church by:

  • Making a profession of faith if you have not been a member of a Christian Church before.
  • Making a re-affirmation of faith if you were once a member of a church, but are no longer active.
  • Having your membership transferred from another church where you are on the active rolls of that congregation.

Children who are not old enough to become confirmed members are added to the baptized rolls of the church.

Please contact our Pastor, Jamie Schultz, for more information on becoming a member.