Organizations We Support

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church supports both local and national ministries and non-profit organizations and charities. If you would like to become more involved with mission work at BMPC, please consider joining the Mission Possible Team.

Contact Us to Join the Mission Possible Team

The Sheridan Story Weekend Food Program

The Sheridan Story is the fourth recipient of the $5,000 mission gifts that have been generated by our debt reduction campaign.This organization grew out of the need to get food to school children that do not have enough to eat at home and facilitated a partnership between our church and Bryn Mawr Elementary School.

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Support Our Neighborhood Schools

This year the Mission Possible team plans to expand our support of our neighborhood schools. The schools and many of the students who attend face continuing challenges, and we’ve begun a dialogue with educators and parents to identify ways the church can help. We’ll continue to let you know about opportunities as they arise; we anticipate we’ll be sharing requests for volunteers and for special giving opportunities. Watch your bulletins and emails for regular updates, and if you’d like to play a more direct role in helping to plan our School Support initiatives, please contact us.

One Great Hour of Sharing/Silent Auction

Each year during Lent, BMPC supports One Great Hour of Sharing, an international organization that provides disaster relief, refugee assistance, development aid, and more. Families take home small paper fish banks to collect money at home, and then bring them to offering on Easter Sunday. BMPC also organizes an annual auction of time and talents, where members auction off home-cooked meals, art, crafts, and much more.

St. Anne’s Place

Many members of the congregation volunteer regularly at St. Anne’s Place, an emergency shelter that supports women and children. We are proud of Mission Possible’s literacy initiative at St. Anne’s Place, where members volunteer monthly to bring supper and children’s books to read with the families.