Why Spirituality?

So what’s the point of spirituality anyway?  Who has time to naval gaze when there are so many fires in the world to be put out?  Why, because we are human, that’s why.   Just like person(ality) and sexu(ality) make us unique, so does our spiritu(ality).  How God connects to you may be so very different from how God connects to me, therefore , “one kind of spirituality fits all” does not an effective individual, or firefighter for that matter, make.   If you truly are concerned with all the fires out there  (and boy are there a lot of fires in our world today), how do you know where to start?  Perhaps, you don’t start at all because it’s too overwhelming to think about or you’re immobilized with feelings of guilt for not at least trying.  Or maybe, you start doing something about a particular fire but lose steam because you don’t seem to be making a dent in it.

To me, this is where spirituality comes in.   It’s when you begin listening to your personal road map and stop panicking about all that there is to do.  So much to do, so little time, not the most affective way to live!

How about learning to be your human self first and letting God guide you from there?  What do you have to lose?  Besides, those fires aren’t going anywhere!  Ever heard the saying:  “too many cooks in the kitchen”?  Well, with all those fires out there to put out, wouldn’t it be nice to discern what your actual role may be instead of  anxiously grabbing for the nearest fire extinguisher?

With that in mind, I’d like to address what has been happening with a certain spiritual direction group that has been meeting for the past three years.  The Spirit has done some amazing things with this group and rarely do we leave our time together without being touched or changed in some way.  This is a committed, respectful group of 5-6 individuals who are interested in growing closer to God by intentionally paying attention to what God is already doing in their lives and integrating what they learn into their everyday lives.

The group meets once per month, in the evening, for 2 hours.  We begin with prayer and then follow up with a check-in.  Then, we move deeper into a guided meditation and share what we notice during the meditation and respond to God’s invitation.  Each one of us usually leaves with a “next step” or action that we are held accountable for before the next session.  Right now, we are being guided to seek more deeply the meaning of having a human body.   One of the questions we have been discerning together as a group entails the image of a house.   “What kind of house are you?”, we ask each other.   Are you a big, fancy new construction house that looks all shiny and new on the outside but  lacking character on the inside?  Or perhaps, you describe yourself as a house that is in need of a Spring cleaning or some shiny new windows to invite new insights and perspectives?

Whatever the case, God continues to shape and mold each one of us in this group in a way we could never have imagined on our own.  And hopefully, our pilgrimage is bringing us closer and closer to the cross, working with God in tandem rather than isolated and alone.

I extend an offer to anyone at BMPC who might be interested in exploring your journey with God more intentionally.  This might entail starting another group or perhaps having a quarterly retreat?  Maybe sharing your faith journey on this website or during a Sunday worship service works best for you?  It doesn’t really matter, right now, it’s about providing feedback as to what you might like to do to deepen your relationship with God and integrating it into your daily life.

Let me know your thoughts and/or feelings and I can either meet with you in person, talk over the phone or even take your e-mails to see where God may be leading another initiative into a more solid and integrated mind, body, spirit connection.

Thanks in advance!  Your feedback is important!

Vera (763) 522-9009 or vera@verasnow.com