The Sheridan Story Receives Mission Gift

Sheridan Story PresentationThe Sheridan Story is the fourth recipient of the $5,000 mission gifts that have been generated by our debt reduction campaign. This organization grew out of the need to get food to school children that do not have enough to eat at home and facilitated a partnership between our church and Bryn Mawr Elementary School.

Beginning January 2014 Bryn Mawr Church, in conjunction with Sheridan Story, will distribute weekend food bags to kids in need at Bryn Mawr Elementary School. Weekends can be a challenging time for kids who benefit from the free breakfast and lunch the school provides during the week.

The Food Bins

How it Works

Every Friday at 11:30 a.m. we will provide 4 volunteers to spend an hour placing food bags in student’s backpacks. The bags weigh between 3-5 pounds, are pre-packed and stored on dollies that can be rolled through the school.

There are 60 homeless and highly mobile kids at the school and we are hoping to enroll 50 of them in the program. We are providing the bulk of the funding for this first year at a cost of $130 per student.

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About Sheridan Story

Sheridan Story is a faith based non-profit that partners schools with congregations and synagogues to help abate childhood hunger. They source and pack the food and we provide the volunteers and financial support. Click here to volunteer at a packing event.