St. Joseph Of The Bird Bath

From our member Sharon Johnson –

I asked for perennials as part of the auction earlier this year that goes to support church mission. As spring progressed into June, several members responded, and I had a yard of potted perennials to plant. Although I have lived in my house for two years now, I am finally getting to planting and feeling planted.

As I was digging under my linden tree to put in some shade-loving greenery gifted me by Presbyterian friends, I found a little plastic statue of St. Joseph. Although it isn’t necessarily our tradition (nor, do I think, that of the owners immediately preceding me), a statue of St. Joseph is sometimes buried on the property to either speed the sale of a home or to provide blessing to that home.

It was with delight I found “my” St. Joseph as part of the circle of blessing now completed. He currently presides over the bird bath; he may find another elevated position in my new perennial garden.