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Bryn Mawr Camp-in-a-Van, July 11-14

Bryn Mawr Camp in a Van registration form

What is Camp-In-A-Van?

Camp-In-A-Van (CIAV) is a weeklong unique partnership between one or more congregations and Clearwater Forest to provide of outdoor ministry and congregational ministry. It is a joint effort between the camp and the congregation. Camp-In-A-Van is designed for young people who have completed grades K-5*. The curriculum is Christ-centered and activity based, which encourages hands-on learning.


The purpose of Camp-In-A-Van is to assist congregations in providing a quality Christian outdoor ministry experience at their site. During this time we hope to get young people enthused about camping, and would be delighted if they chose to come to summer camp at Clearwater Forest. But with this program, the bigger purpose is to get campers enthused about congregational ministry and a life with Christ.


The strength of CIAV is people. Kids love the staff! CF’s CIAV teams are comprised of young adults who are selected for their Christian commitment and love of children. They are trained to lead Bible studies, worship, songs, crafts and wild and zany recreation. It is relational ministry and our emphasis is to offer quality Christian role models for young people.

Camp in a Van 2016

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