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What Does It Take To Offer A Cup Of Water?

Mark 9:38-50

I was at Punch Pizza  with my family when I received a text message from our office  administrator, Donna, saying she hoped all of the Bryn Mawr Church folks were safe.  I texted back “why?” thinking the weather was too nice for a tornado to have struck the neighborhood , oddly that was the first thing that came to mind, then fire.  When she wrote back about the violence I created my own scenario in my head, which was of course inaccurate.  When I got home I began to see Facebook postings and soon I received a phone call about what had happened.  Was there something for the church to do?  more »

Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Lessons from Sunday School

We meet people everyday who make a difference in our life and in our community. Last week we talked about Deborah, a prophet and judge, and how she made a difference to all who consulted her under her palm tree for advice. We acted out different scenarios and took our issues to the judge. We often need guidance when making important decisions.
We will continue to talk about people who make a difference in our lives as well as work on our water well which needs some good masons to do the stonework.

Hope to see you the kids on Sunday morning! All are Welcome.

Special school supply collection, September 9, 16 and 23

Special Help for Our Schools This year the Mission Possible Team is exploring how we can offer more support to our neighborhood schools. In the coming months, we’ll be talking about ways all of us can help with gifts of our time and treasure. But for now, we’re focusing on a special kind of school supplies. Many of the children who attend face serious economic challenges. The school staff has shared a list of the needs they must deal with on a regular basis, and we’re asking for your donations. We’ll collect the school’s special request items September 9, 16, and 23. The items include: underwear (especially for older boys), feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, travel size toothpaste, toothbrushes, and gift cards for places where such items might be purchased. You can also donate cash, marking your envelope “school supplies,” and we will convert it into gift cards for you. Thank you for your help in making “back to school” more successful this year.

Fall Sunday Worship Schedule Begins

Our summer worship schedule ends as of September 1st. Below is the worship schedule for September-May:

Sunday School and Adult Education – 9:30 a.m.

Worship – 10:30 a.m.