Monthly Blog Archives: October 2010

Great Music, Great Cause

The Cedar Lake Seven Men’s Gospel Choir will hold a fundraising concert next Sunday November 7, to benefit a suburban Hennepin County homeless youth outreach program.

The Suburban Host Home program is a community initiative involving local schools, faith communities, local government, service providers and the greater suburban Hennepin County community.  The mission of the program is to address the housing needs of homeless youth by connecting them with adults from their own community who are willing to provide safe housing and support. more »

Why Spirituality?

So what’s the point of spirituality anyway?  Who has time to naval gaze when there are so many fires in the world to be put out?  Why, because we are human, that’s why.   Just like person(ality) and sexu(ality) make us unique, so does our spiritu(ality).  How God connects to you may be so very different from how God connects to me, therefore , “one kind of spirituality fits all” does not an effective individual, or firefighter for that matter, make.   If you truly are concerned with all the fires out there  (and boy are there a lot of fires in our world today), how do you know where to start?  Perhaps, you don’t start at all because it’s too overwhelming to think about or you’re immobilized with feelings of guilt for not at least trying.  Or maybe, you start doing something about a particular fire but lose steam because you don’t seem to be making a dent in it. more »